March 31, 2014

what i am reading, right now...

My artistic process begins with basic research and observation of like minded artists and mindful individuals.  Books are my foundation, because they provide a fuller picture for life in general. 
Art & Life are interchangeable in my world and I believe in order to produce amazing beauty, one must actively pursue and seek self-actualization.  Essentially, I have a ton of craft books and a ton of self-help books, and plenty of love and support from myself and others to help produce the greatest work I can on a daily basis.
I guess I can add that meditation, yoga, and long nature walks are also an essential ingredient that is apart of my artistic process.  These tools enhance my awareness of the vastness of the universe, while acknowledging my quest for inner peace and love.
Here is what I am reading, right now...
Paper to Petal by Rebecca Thuss & Patrick Farrell
foreward by Martha Stewart
I originally discovered this book while reading one of my favorite magazines, Martha Stewart's Living J/F 14. The colors and creativity popped out of the pages so I added the article to my home crafts workbook.
While browsing in the library the other day I just happened to run into this book and did not even realize the magnitude of possibilities for paper flower making!
Recommendation: Easy instructions, amazing photos, and a billion ideas! Love this book! 

Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Sewing & Crafts
It is always worth it to go back to the basics.  It reminds me of why I do what I do.

The simplicity of handcrafts is astonishing and the great thing about crafting is a lot of times it doesn't cost you a dime.  Most things I end up crafting are already there, possibly in another form, but there to be used further. This is the gem in handmade, using what you already have or enhancing it slightly with what you have around. 

Recommendation:  Love Martha, she is a true pioneer for handmade and American Made.  Making things is empowering and gives people purpose.  Beautiful Photos, Basics for Beginners, Over 200 craft ideas! This book is invaluable and I recommend buying it!

The Good Stuff
from growing up in a dysfunctional family
by Karen Casey

Apparently about 98% of us have some sort of dysfunction with in our families.  Karen Casey spells it out by simply telling her own story and countless other thoughtful stories of people she met during her own recovery.  This book takes you from experiencing harsh criticism to child abuse so the spectrum is endless and touches every type of family their is.

Recommendation: Excellent read if your seeking thought provoking testimony, mindful approaches to living life, and a positive outlook on your family ties.


  1. Love your pursuit of inner wisdom and joy, Jennifer! Great insight about Martha's revolution to return to handmade and homemade...not always comfortable for a generation of women who were told they were supposed to forget about such things. I'm intrigued by 'The Good Stuff' and will look for it--sounds like it would be an important read for most everyone! Cheers!!--Carol Hays

  2. yes, im so happy to have found all of these books, especially "the good stuff" i wld check out ur local library, i found a copy at mine, i know u will love it and enjoy the tools and gems within it, thanks for your thoughts Carol:)

  3. Jennifer! It is so good to see you on The Daily Creative Practice and blogging on our Monday Funday blog prompts! I hope you will be a prompt maker in May! Your blog is such a lovely place to visit with its photos and ideas. I am so excited about learning more about you and your creativity. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

    1. Yes please put me down for May, I would just need to flush out a few details with you when those dates get close. Again I am so thankful for this community and so happy that I met you at C4 Atlanta. I have been viewing and commenting on other blogs, and it just feels great to see what other folks are doing, its just inspiring :)

  4. what a beautiful blog - thanks for sharing what you are reading - I find alot of inspiration in books too. I spend time at the library, now that bookstores are few and far between! The Good Stuff sounds very interesting - thanks for sharing! and glad you are here!

    1. Thank you Vickie, yes I am loving the book "the good stuff" my fam is beyond dysfunctional. the book has empowered me greatly :)

  5. Jennifer - I love your blog and your book recommendations!!! It sounds like we have a lot in common! I look forward to reading more soon :)

  6. I love all the things that support your DCP!!! Yoga, reading, meditating, being open to changing ME, and really everything I do, supports my practice too. I love knowing there are others out there with a similar approach!
    I love the books you shared, and it's wonderful to have a peak into your inspiration and rituals...