March 31, 2014

handmade & haiku

a delicate chilly breeze
sunset in coral
one more day til spring

Vintage Mismatched Pillowcases



  • The Find: I am a firm believer in all things reusable so get inspired by beautiful vintage floral's in your local thrift store, I paid 99cents for  this single vintage pillowcase at Value Village.
  • Match it up:  I took my pillowcase into Hancock Fabrics to ensure that I got the colors right for the other side, you can do this or if you really want to be a frugal master, the thrift store sells pieces of fabric, and sheets that could match with your case.  Just remember it needs to be at the very least the same size as the pillow case and you will need to pieces. I ended up getting about a half yard in fabric about (22 x 32 " x 2)
Time to Sew!
    • Cut your original pillowcase directly on the seam (two sides and the bottom)
    • Lay one side of the pillowcase on top of your fabric and use as a pattern
    • You will need about a 1.5" seam allowance and about 5 - 6" at the opening for your fold
    • Sew the opening fold using a zig zag seam, repeat with second piece
    • Place both vintage and new fabric pieces front to front aligning seams and pin
    • Sew about 1" from cut seam (side, bottom, front)
    • Finish seams with zig zag settings
    • Cut access thread
    • Press or steam fabric seams
    • Enjoy your amazing beautiful Vintage/Modern one-of-a-kind pillowcases!


  1. These are beautiful, Jennifer!! I love your creative reuse ethic. And thank you for the 'how to' steps--always so helpful! Keep on creating lovely things! Cheers--Carol Hays

  2. OMG Carol, thank you for your comment, it means the world to me! Yes I am trying to get better at explaining things. You know how artists can be, so glad you like the post :) and thanks for stopping by!

  3. Love your color sense combined with a reuse, recycle, reinvent philosophy, Jennifer! Perfectly matched haiku to photo! Looking forward to see more of your sunny creations. ~ Lee

  4. Thank you Lee, like yourself I love feeling my way through my work. Colors speak to me daily :)