April 16, 2014

making in America

This spring has brought so many transitions into my life.  Good transitions.  A new birth in the family, a younger brother moving out west to stake his claim, a new love and companionship in my life.

I am approaching this latest blog prompt with a bit more about my personal life.  You see things are moving so fast right now, there are times the hurting part of me - yet to be healed- doubts these joyous transitions.  In a way it is like putting myself in a box that I distinctly remember breaking through years ago!

I have come to know that doubts and negative thought patterns cloud your mind and block the positivity and joy that takes place in your life daily.  Consistent positive emotions and thoughts become so much more vital as we get older. The main word being, consistent.

Having a place to journal my thoughts while figuring out how I can make it in a land riddled with opportunity is the very essence of freedom.  And I am grateful and thankful to be free!

love, Jen

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